The opening of Street Art Storage

The opening of Street Art Storage

«Street Art Storage» was opened in Saint Petersburg on March 22nd. It's the only institution in Russia that has a goal of collecting, long-term preserving, researching and popularizing works created by the “street wave” artists — authors who combine street, studio and exhibition practices.

Right now the collection comprises more than 350 works of art that include works by artists from Saint Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Samara and Moscow. The «Street Art Storage» aims not only to popularize the works of contemporary street artists, but also to provide an in-depth analysis of these authors.

The curator of this institution is Alina Zorya — an art expert and street art researcher. The “Street Art Storage” operates with the methodological support of the Street Art Research Institute.

The limited space of the venue is arranged according to the innovative “open storage” principle that enables exhibiting a large number of pieces and creating comfortable conditions for preserving art. You can get acquainted with the collection during guided tours conducted by the “Street Art Storage” mediators.

To learn more information and check the announcements of events and business hours, you can go to and visit the Telegram channel or the VK page.
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