A book by KIrill Lebedev (Kto) «Conversations with myself Pasha 183, Skinny, Skiddoo, Chub, Ren, Basket, Liquid, Shawn, The Runs, Alex, Blez, Kissy, Akue, Make, and Max Navigator»

A book that provides a glimpse into the closed graffiti community has been published. It contains conversations that Kirill Kto – a prominent figure of the contemporary Russian art and a veteran of the graffiti and street art scene) had with 14 representatives of the graffiti movement of the late 2000s. It serves both a documentary and a narrative story about art, the streets, and the present. Work on the book went on from 2009 to 2022.

Book in 2 volumes. Editor: Polina Borisova. Publisher: Street art research Institute supported by the InLoco Foundation. Circulation: 300 copies

You can order the book by sending a request to institute@streetartresearch.org
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